Being real is everything in business. I love to make peoples ideas and needs come to manifest. I have some big clients and small ones. The big jobs are cool and pay the bills but the custom stuff is what i really am passionate about. I am very good at leaving my style aside when it comes to creating images and designs for any cause. I feel very confident that i can please any one (except the unpleasable).  Running my shop on solar power and printing with all natural inks, I am able to offer "The worlds most Eco-Friendly T-shirt printing shop." I mostly print on 100 % cotton making the product all natural. As the cost of organic materials comes down, i will be able to bring an even more conscious product to the world of T shirt printing. My "REEL DESIGNS" are just examples of the products that i create !!!!! 

Just contact me @ (805) 441 3789

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